Orange Models Scam

Orange Models – Is it a scam?

Orange Models felt the need to publish this article as we are very much aware of the danger of scam the new aspiring models can be exposed to.

Knowing what is required to be a professional model and most importantly getting the correct information from the right people will increase their chances to start a successful modeling career and not fall in the trap of the scam artists.

Orange Models platform is a completely FREE service committed to give all the help and support models need to keep them safe and provide an expert advice on launching their successful career.

Modeling always has been a highly desirable career especially among young people and moms who wish to fulfill their kids dream to be a model. With Orange Models they can have the confidence knowing that they are fully prepared and protected. Orange Models want you to be aware of all the scam out there and prevent you from falling to their traps.

Having beautiful look and the right measurements it is not just about everything required to be a model. Breaking in the modeling industry could be a daunting experience for aspiring models especially if they are not fully informed about the requirements of the modeling industry. Orange Models have put together some essential information about the industry that every aspiring models should know.

Modeling Platforms

A Modeling Platform such as Orange Models is designed to provides expert advice and support to aspiring models wanting to start a modeling career. Modeling Platforms are not there to offer modelling jobs or contracts. Platforms are there to assess their modeling abilities on the bases of their measurements and characteristics and provide impartial advice and guidance on the best options out there to launch their career.

A Modeling platform is usually a company formed by a team of industry experts and professionals who are there to teach you on the all important requirements such as how to construct a portfolio and how to self-market yourself as a freelance professional model.

Knowing the difference between modeling platforms and modelling agencies should help you avoid the scam artists who may try to charge upfront fees promising job opportunities in the modelling industry. So our advice is to do your homework and find out more about the best modelling platforms out there.

Modelling Agencies

Modelling agencies may vary greatly on the category of modelling they are specialising in so they all may have different requirements when signing models.

Top Modeling Agencies

These are usually the high fashion modelling agencies who have the power to make their models famous super-stars. Offering exclusive contracts for their models they have the ability to provide a constant flow of high profile modeling assignments, working with the best photographers, make up artists and casting directors. Getting signed with one of the top modeling agencies can define the success of a young model career.

Non-exclusive Agencies

These are smaller modelling agencies specialising in different areas of modeling such as editorial, commercial, TV and Film etc. Their requirement to cater for variety of different clients have the need of signing as many different models as possible on a non-exclusive contract. But this does not mean that they are not worth going for as the majority of them and especially those located in major cities such as London have the ability to provide plenty of work for some of their models.

Knowing the difference between modelling platforms and modelling agencies and how modeling agencies work will ensure you avoiding scam and help you be confident in starting your career.

A COMPANY THAT SAYS THEY CAN GUARANTEE YOU WORK IS MOST LIKELY A SCAM, unless is a top modelling agency who can offer you an exclusive modeling contract.

Orange Models best advice for aspiring models determined to break into the modelling industry is to look for a professional advice and get all their questions answered before taking the decision to apply to modeling agencies or freelance jobs.